PON Skiers for LIFE:
making ski racing affordable for all families

With the generous sponsorship of the PON family, Pon Dental and Rabbit Hill Snow Resort,
Rabbit Hill Ski Club is excited to announce our financial assistance program


PON Skiers for LIFE eligible racers will enjoy the following program support:
~  50% off Program Fees (4 hour Saturday only programming)
~  Rabbit Hill Ski Club Family Membership Fees will be waived
~ Cost associated with the Annual Fundraiser Silent Auction and Dance will be waived
~  Free admittance to the Rabbit Hill Club Championship and Lauberhorn home race
~  Free child Season Pass provided by RABBIT HILL SNOW RESORT
~  One (1) free voucher for a child’s dental cleaning and check up provided by PON DENTAL
~  Free ski equipment possibly including skis, ski boots, helmet and poles as it becomes available through donations from families within the Rabbit Hill Ski Club. *This is not guaranteed -  you may need to outfit your own racer with recommendations from Rabbit Hill Ski Club for purchasing used equipment throughout the City.

Are you Eligible? Click here to find out