Sun Peaks U14 and U16 Pre-season Camp

We are on day 5 of 7 for our preseason camp here at Sun Peaks. The training conditions are really good. Not too cold, not too warm, plus the training surface is getting better every session. The first 3 days we got back into things with a variety of SL drill courses and fundamentals.

Abby Sunrise Sun Peaks.png

Yesterday we started on our 4 day GS block of training, training beside the BC ski team. It was a bit rough for some getting on the longer skis and faster course sets. However, today things really started to click for everyone. The coaching feedback that Blake and I have been repeating the last 5 days started to show up in their skiing a lot more consistently. We are looking forward to seeing their confidence increase as they continue to make improvements for the remainder of the camp.



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