About Rabbit Hill Ski Club

Found in 1978, we are a volunteer-based, family-oriented ski racing club operating out of Rabbit Hill Snow Resort in Devon, AB. Our goal is to develop a life long love for alpine skiing, encourage personal growth and self-fulfillment in our athletes. We provide opportunities for skiers to develop their skills in an enjoyable team environment.

We are part of the youth ski community in Edmonton and Northern Alberta. We are a parent run, family-oriented ski racing club that endorses the mission statements of the Alberta Alpine Association and commits to the following goals:

  • Develop in all members a love of the sport of Alpine skiing, a commitment to safety, and the spirit of sportsmanship.

  • Develop in all skiers a respect for self and encourage personal growth and self fulfillment.

  • Provide the opportunity for skiers at all levels of ability to develop Alpine racing skills in an enjoyable team environment.

  • Provide an effective, yet affordable Alpine racing program that gives all skiers the opportunity to use all Alpine racing skill to the best of their abilities in competition.

Rabbit Hill provides programming for all ages and stages - from beginner racers to highly competitive FIS Athletes, and a Masters program for those over 18.